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 Why choose my Custom Designed Labels?


 First and foremost, Excellence in Customer Service!  I am not 
 just saying it, that is my commitment to you.  I want you to be 
 totally satisfied or you can get your money back!


 Second is quality.   

  • Quality in my attention to detail so that your labels turn out the way you want.  
  • Quality in how I process your order, including pre-order questions and options and an opportunity for you to approve proof images before I print your order.  
  • Quality in my follow up after your order is processed.  I want your feedback and I want to offer discounts to returning customers.  


 More reasons to choose my custom designed labels: 

  • You have the freedom to choose the picture, artwork or special message that you want on your labels (See Note 1 below.) AND you can pick the type and color of the lettering, all at a very competitive price 
  • You choose the quantity that you want so that you will not have tons of labels left over if you move or decide to have a different image or message on your labels.  



 Questions to answer before placing your order?


  • Do you have the artwork or image in JPEG or Bitmap format?  Or do you know where I can obtain the artwork or image that you want to use?  
  • Is the image, logo, or wording copyright protected?  Do you have the rights to use it? 
    (Note 1 – I am relying on you to tell me if the image, logo, or wording that you want to use is copyright protected and if you or your organization has the right to use the image, logo, or wording.)
  • For the use of any government, law enforcement, fire, rescue, EMT, etc. agency, unit, department, or organization badge, patch, wording, and/or logo on your label; please tell me when and where you worked or served with them. (i.e. the city, agency, department, precinct, station, base, etc.)  
  • Likewise, for the use of any military, unit, organization, or agency logo, patch, rank or insignia on your label; please tell me when and where you worked or served with them.  
  • When using a “stock” image, badge, or patch, or if your artwork or image is very clear and on a clean white background; usually, no set-up fee will be needed.   
  • However, if you request help with your image or artwork, there is a onetime "set up" fee .  The set up fee includes two revisions (i.e. not a redesign, that would require a new set up fee).  If you are unsure of what you want, please send me a drawing first so we have something we can work with for the design.  
  • What type of font, font size, and font color do you want?  
  • What message do you want on your label? Please keep your message in good taste as I reserve the absolute right to decline any order that contains wording and/or images that I deem to be inappropriate, offensive, and/or illegal.  
  • When laying out your label design, please keep in mind that the standard size of an address labels is about 1” x 2 1/2” in size.  



 Questions about placing your order?


  • How do I place an order?  First you should contact me at
    mikeb @ and let me know what kind of labels you want to order and your ideas for design of the label.  It is that easy!
  • Then we will review the questions above and I will give you an opportunity to make several selections from the available options for lettering, font, color, etc. 
  • You will also choose one of the charities from my Donations page so I know where to send the contribution. 
  • Then I will work with you to re-format your artwork or
    image if needed so it looks great on your label.
  • I will make a sample label based on the information you have provided and send you a Proof Image for your approval. 
  • You will either approve the Proof Image or we will determine what needs to be changed and I will resend a revised Proof Image for your approval. 
  • Upon your approval, you will send me your payment.  After receipt of your payment, I will print and ship your order. 


 Questions about your order?


  • How many labels are on each sheet?  I use standard Avery White Mailing Labels which have 30 address labels per sheet in three columns of ten labels each.  
  • How much will I donate from the sale of each sheet of labels?  My donation normally starts at $0.25 per sheet. However, if a large order is placed or if I have made special arrangements with the charity or foundation, I often increase my donation per sheet. 
  • When will my order be shipped? Please allow four weeks after I receive your approval of the Proof Image for receipt of your labels. However, if possible I will ship them sooner. 
  • Additionally all orders will be printed and shipped after full payment is received.  
  • Can I request a rush order?  If you need your labels by a certain date, please let me know so I can work with you to meet your due date.  However, depending on other commitments I have at the time you place your order, I may need to add a 20% rush order fee to your order.  I will always discuss all fees with you prior to starting on your order.  
  • How can I find the status of my order?  If you have any customer service related questions, please contact me at  mynamepl8  @  earthlink.  net